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Letter to Dave

Grant’s monthly letter to his brother, Dave Nelson, who lives in Carrington, North Dakota.

Project New Hope

Project New Hope is a camp for war veterans who need some help and is Grant’s topic this week.

One Empty Chamber

Today, Grant loads five unrelated topics together and takes aim.

Five Acts of Farm Safety

This week Grant learned about safety on the farm and shares it with you in Five Acts of Farm Safety.

An Affair of Plain Living II

Grant adds instruction on how to build a fence corner to the lore of things rural folks do.

Exchanging pain for knowledge

Grant learns one more lesson from fixing underground water pipe.

Going back to Gully

Grant takes a short daytrip to Gully, Minnesota

Time Well Spent

Grant budgets his time.

Old Friends

Old pick-ups and old friends make up Grant’s column this week.

I am somebody

Grant receives his first Northern Tool catalog, in HARDCOVER.