Grandpa Joe

Grant finds a real cowboy, Joe Peacock, formerly of the Teton Mountain Range area.

Family Tradition

(first published, January 2006 in the Grand Forks Herald newspaper)       My nephew, Jamie and I recently took a trip to Carrington, North Dakota. The purpose of the trip was to visit my older brother David and his family. There are two cherished traditions in the Nelson family. The first tradition is that…
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Point Z

I have a cold this week and the weather had been cold this week, that’s ironic, maybe even mildly amusing. The truth is there is little for me to laugh about as each time I cough, my lungs feel like Velcro being pulled apart-the long way. If you could graph the point at which I…
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Beer Me

I like beer- it’s a passion, an indulgence and the empty bottles make a nice collection. Ben Franklin (for those of you with the appropriate grade-school education to know of Ben Franklin) is often quoted as saying that “beer is proof that God loves us.“ I realize that some people may be reading this at…
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Letter To Dave

Dear Dave, I want to start this letter out with a little about heating with corn. First off, I just checked our electricity bill and we’ve used about 2000 less kilowatt-hours this month as compared to last year. Bear in mind that we were already using one corn stove last year and that this years…
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