Vintage Snowmobile Show

I went to tthe VSCA National snowmobile show yesterday at the Ralph Engelstad Arena in Theif River Falls, Minnesota. I created an album of pictures I took while I attended.   Here’s the link Show’s still going today. Ends at 4 pm.

Hay Trolleys

(This picture is one of the hay trolleys that hangs from the perimeter of our porch-GN) Most of my collections are farm related, and fairly unique. If I were an unsupervised single man, I would probably have a collection of bull chips in the shape of famous people or something equally odd. Fortunately, I am…
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Cottage Cheese Cats

I write my column at a twenty one inch computer screen, it fit into our computer desk like a jet engine fits into a Chevy Vega. I should benefit from the extra screen space but I only see what gets under, around or past our cats, Magoo and Twitch. They have learned, from years of…
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A Tree’s Revenge

Trees provide shade, cattle need shade; trees and cattle are a good combination. Cattle can be hard on trees however, so maybe trees get the short end of this relationship. Last week one tree evened the score at our little farm. I came home from work in the mid-afternoon. The cattle are now out on…
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A Good Job

I like my job, however there was a time when I loved my job. I was once a radio announcer, a most enjoyable occupation. I ended up in a conversation with Chris Melbye, also a radio alumnus, about a month ago. We both gushed to one another about how we enjoyed our radio days and…
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