Letter To Dave

Dear Dave, I am happy to announce that I have joined a very exclusive club, Dave. It is a group of people that I was among once for a brief time but whose company I have not enjoyed for a couple of years, more on that later. I have not watched the Minnesota Vikings play…
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Love And Marriage

Grant’s advice to the newlywed.

My First Year

It has been exactly a year since I began posting my column on Areavoices. Thank-you for reading my column and leaving the occasional comment; it’s been a good first year. Grant Nelson

Project Warming House

I need an indoor project when its cold outside. Last year, my indoor project was a pump house so large that I was barely able to extract it from my shop. I set my sites at a lower multiplier this year and went for what is basically a bird house, but for multiple birds. This…
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Wonderful Distractions

I try to maintain my focus on whatever task is at hand. There are times, however when a distraction is welcome. My favorite distractions are the counter displays that await you at the cashier’s desk; three favorites are my topic this week. Let’s start with Lucas oil additive display that you see at many auto…
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