Letter To Dave

Dear Dave, I want to start this letter out with a little about heating with corn. First off, I just checked our electricity bill and we’ve used about 2000 less kilowatt-hours this month as compared to last year. Bear in mind that we were already using one corn stove last year and that this years…
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I had a message in the comments asking about the song Nicolena. Please leave me an email and I will try answer any questions.

Born In A Barn

My brother, David, called me today with some news. It seems a column I did a few years back turned up at the Bonanzaville Museum in Fargo, North Dakota. It is on a plaque that sits next to the frist Steiger tractor ever built. Dave got the heads up from Gene Waterworth who works at…
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Freshly Shoveled

I love the look of a well shoveled sidewalk. There’s nothing that improves the “curb appeal” of a home during winter in Minnesota more than snow that knows its place. The act of removing snow welcomes people during the holidays, provides a little exercise (consult your doctor,) and creates the illusion that you are in…
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Freshly Plowed

This weeks entry is a sister column to one I wrote a few weeks ago titled, “Freshly Shoveled.” This column at first may seem like more effort on my part to make the mundane seem even more mundane when written about but it is less about the act of plowing than the actor. This week…
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