Christmas Letter To Dave

This is your annual Christmas letter and I hope you will open it without too much expectation. I like low expectations, they are so easy to satisfy; kind of like the gifts you get from a secret Santa. I would like to have a few minutes with those who complain about not having snow at…
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What Christmas Means To Me

There are rare times when the truth is apparent; maybe the truth is always apparent but we look the other way. I think many of us walk about in a world that is shaped by influences that promise to help us escape the world these same influences have created. Money and notoriety are a few…
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Project Gingerbread House-followup

I just noticed there is going to be a "food challenge" involving gingerbread houses on the Food Network at 7 pm Sunday night.   Looks like fun

Project Gingerbread House

I would probably agree to celebrate Christmas on a monthly basis except for the fact it is a birthday and those come but once a year. I think most people feel the Christmas season begins this week-end so lets kick-start the holidays with a project. This is project gingerbread house. I built my first gingerbread…
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The Hardware Store

Today’s topic was suggested to me by Tim Lewis. I see him quite often at his workplace, Hardware Hank, because I really like hardware stores. I have vacationed, one hour at a time, at hardware stores for years and Tim has been there much of the time. Anyway, this week I wish to speak of…
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