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The May project

Grant builds in a hurry to avoid the disgrace of not finishing his May projects prior to June.

Rural Reflections Radio

Grant talks this week about a habit which involves old tractors.

A tractor habit

Grant talks about tractors; antique, collectible and just plain old.

Rural Reflections Radio

Grant pauses, then considers and then speaks.

A few things

Grant tidies up several topics in one column.

Rural Reflections Radio

Grant’s weekly letter to his brother Dave Nelson which covers a lot of subjects. Dave lives in Carrington, North Dakota.

Letter to Dave

Grant’s monthly letter to his brother, Dave Nelson. Dave lives in Carrington, North Dakota.

Rural Reflections Radio

Grant says good-bye to Matt Bruggeman.

Matt Bruggeman has left the building

Grant says good-bye to Matt Bruggeman; at least for now.

Rural Reflections Radio

Grant’s most recent project was to build a cupola for his shop.