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Yeah, it’s fall

It doesn’t matter that we may have temps in the 90’s this week. It’s still fall.

Rural Reflections Radio

Grant’s weekly letter to his brother, Dave. On the radio!

Letter to Dave

Grant’s monthly letter to his brother, Dave. Dave is a resident of Carrington, North Dakota.

Rural Reflections Radio

Robert’s rules inspires Grant’s rules.

My rules of order

Grant shares his insights gained from board rooms and committees.

Rural Reflections Radio

Grant tells you the story of a restored 450 Farmall tractor.

The Path Home

Grant introduces you to his brother’s 450 IHC Farmall.

Rural Reflections Radio

Grant loses a calf and finds family.

Family reunion

Grant realizes in one morning that his “work-out buddies” are actually something more.

Rural Reflections Radio

Grant diagrams a life spent striving for simplicity.