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How I spent my summer

Grant gives essay to his summer activities.

Rural Reflections Radio

Grant’s take on the controversy created over law enforcement.

The Spotlight

Grant speaks out in support of law enforcement.

Rural Reflections Radio

Grant explores the merits of the grocery cart.

The grocery cart

Grant explores his feelings about the grocery cart.

Rural Reflections Radio

Grant’s monthly letter to his brother, Dave Nelson. Dave lives in Carrington, North Dakota.

Letter to Dave

Grant’s weekly letter to his brother, Dave. Dave lives in Carrington, North Dakota.

Rural Reflections Radio

Grant explains the first of its kind, scratch-built, scale model tractor.

The Minnie, Minnie Mo’

Grant discovers artisanal, scratch-made, scale model four wheel drive tractors in Pewano, Michigan.

Rural Reflections Radio

It’s almost June; Grant needs to finish his May projects.