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Rural Reflections Christmas Radio

Grant brings Christmas and faith home for the Holidays.

Risky Christmas

Grant talks about faith, logic and Christmas.

Rural Reflections Radio

Grant talks fantasy football.

The Hat Creek Cattle Company

This might sound like a cow story, however this week Grant talks about fantasy football.

Rural Reflections Radio

Grant slows down time, at least a little.

The time dial

Grant decides whether he wants all of his time or only the good stuff.

Rural Reflections Radio

Grant’s weekly letter to his brother, Dave Nelson. Dave lives in Carrington, North Dakota.

Letter to Dave

Dear Dave,   I’ve heard the term “Novembruary” used to describe our current month. This works for me. This month has adopted the earmarks of February; it is bitterly cold and late afternoon brings about that icky, hopeless feeling as filtered, poorly-angled sun heads for the other side of the world.           I see you are [...]

Rural Reflections Radio

Grants talks about Freedom of Speech and those who seek to restrict it.

Freedom of speech

Grant talks about free speech and the TRF Compiler.